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A Path of LightThe Art of the Sun
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On 'Chonyi Bardo - From Earth To Space' track

'The Art of the Sun has created a “A musical transcription of the Buddhist Bardo No. 5, which is the evolution towards complete consciousness, from a very earthy guitar to an ocean of analog intensity. Nick Drake & JM Jarre together”. I couldn’t think of a more apt description. The track grows, almost imperceptivity from a stunning folk ramble to a full on modular synth psychfest. Fat saw waves and throbbing bass float atop panning-drones and retro-futuristic melodies. An absolutely stirring composition.'


On 'Arkhê' track

'There is something subtly regressive in The Art Of The Sun, with a strong cinematic, capable of arousing amazing mental images, despite its abstract side. I feel an artist who experiments and lets himself be guided by inspiration, which gives this piece a free side and not really standardized.'


On 'The Tones Of The Waves' track

'A captivating modern instrumental composition overflowing with musical subtleties. The delicate piano performance is accompanied by fine electronic sounds that bring a lot of depth to this sensitive piece.'

Thanks & thoughts

This album represented an immense endeavor for me, filled with days and nights dedicated to crafting, composing, recording, arranging, pondering and deep listening.

Engaging in the artistry of silence, crafting significance from everyday worlds.

Venturing into realms of past, present, and future imagination.

Embracing solitude.

Persevering relentlessly.

Continuously lending an ear to others by feigning deafness to avoid imposing beliefs.

Discerning subtle signals within nature and the environment.

Enriching your course while staying true to your inner instincts.

How fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to embark on this project in my life.

I had to summon all my inner resources, resist the distractions that veered me away from my intuition, have boundless faith in this intuition, observe it keenly, follow it unwaveringly, and guide it.

For it is in following the way that is uniquely one's own that the true path is found.



I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Elodie, my beloved wife, who graciously accepted all the hours I dedicated to this work.


Thank you, Elodie, I love you.

My deepest thanks to my two daughters, whose simple presence served as inspiration and provided the energy I needed to create.

To my dear and free brother, my caring parents, my family, my friends, my dear Sylvain ;), and the musicians and singers I had the privilege to collaborate with.

To Mathieu Gaud, this synthesis of conductor, sound engineer and visionary, who allowed this project to succeed and go further.

To all my my brothers and sisters, who will recognize themselves.

To Jean-Pierre, my only master.

Lastly, I extend my gratitude to Life itself for affording me the possibility and resources to bring this project to fruition.


I am still unable to read or write,

G.A.O.T.U inscribed my partner's slate,


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